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A European Label: the Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence

In 2012, Toulouse 1 Capitole University was awarded the “Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence” label. Only ten centres in Europe, among which only two in France (Toulouse and Nice), had been granted this golden pass to success. The awarding of the “Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence” label does attest to the quality of the research and teaching work carried out on European issues at UT1 Capitole. It also generates strong international exposure.

In 2017, the members of the Research Institute in Comparative,International and European Law (IRDEIC) have once again been singled out by the European Commission: Nathalie Valdeyron has obtained a Jean Monnet Chair when Marc Blanquet has been appointed the head of the new Europe Capitole Centre for Excellence.

What is Jean Monnet centre for excellence ?


The Jean-Monnet centres for excellence are institutes or organizations clearly defined as specializing in the field of European integration. They work within one or several participating higher education establishments and pool together the necessary scientific, human and documentary resources to carry out studies on European integration. They can be found within a single higher education institution or can rely on collaboration between several higher education institutions located in the same city or region. A Jean Monnet centre for excellence has been created at Toulouse 1 Capitole University (already holding a Jean Monnet Chair) based on its education portfolio on offer at the European School of Law and on its scientific expertise at IRDEIC, its research centre (Research centre in Comparative, International and European Law).