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The program APC-SIIO is dedicated to Chinese students graduated in Economics, Management and Business (BENKE) who wish to study Information Systems and Information Technology.

What are Information Systems and Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) is concerned with the design and management of computer-based solutions for managing, and sharing information and processes used by an organization; its Information System (IS).

Designing and managing efficient IT solutions requires knowledge of multiple fields (Economics, Business, Management, IT). This multidisciplinary background is important for IT professionals in order to create and provide solutions which meet Business and IS needs.


Why consider a Master Program in IT at Université Toulouse 1 Capitole?

The Faculty of IT (Faculté d'Informatique) at University Toulouse 1 Capitole offers two Masters Programs in IT and IS. The key characteristic of these programs is the double focus: Information Technology and functional aspects of Business.

These programs are aimed at Bachelor graduates in Management, Economics and Business. During the two year Masters programs,  students will

1)     improve their knowledge and skills of their initial disciplines; courses are taught by UT1C teachers from other Faculties and Schools and

2)     develop skills in IT and IS. Courses in that field are provided by teachers and researchers of the Faculty of IT. Students will gain knowledge in topics including the fundamental concepts of IS and IT, methods for understanding business activities, building decision support systems and programming software.

The Faculty of IT has a long experience in running Masters Programs in IS and IT and all professors have strong connections with the industry and always adapt the courses to the Business needs. The main consequence is that the graduated students enjoy the 2nd best rate for employment in France in the IS and IT area (almost 100%).

The Program APC-SIIO

The aim of the program APC-SIIO (in French: Année Préparatoire Chine - Systèmes d'Information et Informatique des Organisations) is to give the opportunity to Chinese gratuated students who get significant results during their Bachelor to enrol  in a  Master Program in Business Information Systems. It is a one-year program where Chinese students mainly learn French and the foundations of IT. During two semesters, the student will receive courses about:

  • French: 300h
  • Information
  • Technology: 150h
  • English, Economics, Mathematics: 150h 

At the end of the year if the student passes the exam, she will be enrolled in the first of the Master in IS and IT. According to her results at the end of the first year of the Master, the student will have the opportunity to enrol in the second year of the Master. She will then have to choose a a specific topic: Decision Systems or Engineering of Business Process.

How to apply?

To make your application, the student should fill a file which includes a copy of her Benke, a proof of her French skills (TCF > 300), a CV written in French and an application letter stressing up the motivation. The file should be addressed to: CampusFrance(1) or Formasie(2) .
In April, the potential students will be interviewed by professors of the Faculty of IT of UT1C. This interview will focus on their past experience in Econmocis, management and IT and their motivation for studying IS and IT in France.
(1) CampusFrance : http://chine.campusfrance.org/
(2) Formasie : formasiebridge@hotmail.com