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« Private international law – Volume 1: general principles »

from November 28, 2013 to December 28, 2013

By Michel Attal and Arnaud Raynouard. “In compliance with the Master’s degree (1st and 2nd year) curriculum, this textbook describes a chapter of law that has been wholly reshuffled by the EU due to globalization”

Volume1 introduces the main topics of private international law with a view to outline the general principles and the methodology specific to this field of study:

  • Identification of the competent jurisdiction;
  • Definition of the applicable law or norm;
  • International effectiveness of judicial decisions and acts.

Volume 2 describes the solutions specific to each domain according to the classification of contemporary international private law: judicial acts, extra-contractual liability, personal status (including nationality and foreigners’ status), actual status…


This valuable approach provides highly performing educational tools: references to judicial doctrine, to case law and to international and European sources of law.
To date :

  • The new EU legal norms ;
  • The latest texts and decision concerning the non European private law relations.

Authors :
Michel ATTAL (french website), Associate professor (accredited research supervisor -HDR) Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, Director of studies at the Institute of Judicial Studies -IEJ, co-director of the Master’s Degree (2nd year) in international and comparative law (Master 2 Droit international et comparé), Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, Barrister (Court of Toulouse).


Arnaud RAYNOUARD, Associate professor at Université Paris-Dauphine, Vice-Chancellor of the University.

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ISBN : 9782804460723

Publication date : october 2013

Publishing house : Larcier
Updated on the December 16, 2013