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Research field: Management

Updated on June 4, 2013

Research in Management at UT1C is mainly conducted within the framework of  CRM (Research Centre in Management). CRM became a Joint Research Unit with CNRS in 2001.
It gathers more than 40 researchers and around 35 PhD students.

 Management research is organized along 5 strategic lines of action.

pictogramme_basiqueAccounting and Management Accounting

The research themes developed by the team focus on measuring the impact of changes in accounting and management control as regards organizations. Our approaches deal with accounting information, the quality of reporting and the issues at stake in corporate governance. Studies also cover the stakeholders and professionals in the field. .

Relevant research themes include:
  • Quality of accounting information
  • Corporate and Accounting actors / control and governance
  • Conduct of stakeholders in accounting
The Finance research axis involves 5 researchers and supervises 2 PhD students.


The research themes developed by the team focus on financial markets, corporate finance and financial institutions.

Relevant research themes include:
  • Markets microstructure
  • Protecting investors
  • Corporate finance and financial institutions

The Finance research axis involves 12 researchers and supervises 8 PhD students.

Research focuses on  the different areas of HRM, organizational behaviour and employment relations.

Relevant research themes include:

  • Workplace commitment, identification and motivation
  • Trust and organizational justice
  • Stress, health and well-being at work
  • HRM practices and performance
  • Compensation
The HRM team involves 11 researchers and supervises 8 PhD students.


Marketing research is organized around "Consumers’ powers" (empowerment). These are listed under several components, each being subject to specific research programs.

Relevant research themes include:

  • Participatory empowerment
  • Influencing empowerment
  • Citizen empowerment
  • Empowerment: from resistance to opportunism.

Research themes developed by the team have two main focuses: innovation strategies and corporate strategies (alliances, mergers and acquisitions) to understand how organizations build up their competitive edge in a sustainable way. The team’s research work relies on traditions derived from industrial economy and on more micro-orientated approaches (sociology, organizational routines).

Relevant research themes include:

  • Innovation
  • Corporate strategy

The team involves 8 researchers and supervises 5 PhD students.