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"Computational Modeling of Physical Systems: from Chemistries to Organisms", Kyle Harrington, colloque de l'IRIT

le 26 septembre 2017

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Kyle Harrington, de l'University of Idaho et professeur invité à UT1 pour le mois de septembre, nous présentera ses travaux intitulés "Computational Modeling of Physical Systems: from Chemistries to Organisms". La conférence sera en anglais.

Abstract: I will discuss how computational modeling plays an integral role in modeling and constructing physical systems at multiple scales. How can computational models be used to discover computational properties of a nonlinear chemistry and guide the construction of logic gates made of synthetic cells? How can predictive modeling help us understand fundamental mechanisms of cell biology and accelerate the experimentation process? How can we extract structures from biological images to ensure our models stay true to reality? I will show a series of work that answers these questions in a variety of contexts.
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