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Master's degree (M1 + M2) MIAGE on Innovative Information Systems (2IS)

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 3
Length of studies
2 year
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The 2IS Master program is designed for Bachelor students in information technologies (IT) aiming to expand their knowledge on innovative information technologies. 2IS is organised by researchers of IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse), one of the major French institutes in computer science.

2IS is a MIAGE Master program (Méthodes Informatiques Appliquées à la Gestion des Entreprises), which is the reference Master in France for information technolgy. MIAGE programs are run by more than 20 universities in France.

Innovative information technologies reinvent and transform businesses. Artificial intelligence, big data and web-service orchestration drastically impact end-users as automation is at the heart of business processes.

2IS proposes a unique and broad perspective on innovation in IT in a 2-year program:
-Innovative software solutions such as business intelligence and data visualization, machine learning, collective intelligence distributed databases.
-Innovative software development methods such as agile management and collaborative design.
-Innovation and entrepreneurship in strategy and management.

For a detailed description of the courses and the objectives please consult the Master's webpage at http://miage.ut-capitole.fr/2is


It is possible to spend part of the studies abroad, depending on the exchange programs in place between the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole and other EU or foreign countries. Applications and selections will be conducted the year before the exchange period. Make contact with the International Relations Office of the University if interested.



Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 3

Admission conditions

Admission conditions for the academic year 2020/2021 are currently updating. The procedure implies a selective access.
To enroll you must hold a Bachelor's (or equivalent) in Information Technologies, as well as a certification of English proficiency at B2 level. Tuition fees are around 600€ per academic year including social security, in agreement with the standard price of public education in France.
Applications consist of CV, grade transcripts, cover letter and evidence of English proficiency (CEF level B2 required).

Registration capacity:
This course is designed for a maximum number of 25 students.


The coursework duration lasts 10 months and constitutes a total of 500 hours.

SEMESTER 1: Fundamentals
– 30 ECTS –  250hrs
UE 1 : Business Intelligence 40h 5 ECTS
UE 2 : Data analytics 40h 5 ECTS
UE 3 : Advanced programming 40h 5 ECTS
UE 4 : Project management 40h 5 ECTS
UE 5 : Professionalization: term project, soft skills and foreign language courses 90h 10 ECTS

SEMESTER 2: From fundamentals to innovation 30 ECTS – 250hrs
UE 6 : Business process modelling 40h 5 ECTS
UE 7 : Computational intelligence 40h 5 ECTS
UE 8 : Web services and enterprise architecture 40h 5 ECTS
UE 9 : Entrepreneurship 40h 5 ECTS
UE 10 : Professionalisation: term project, soft skills and foreign language courses 90h 10 ECTS

Additional complementary activities: physical activities and sports, university orchestra.

Academic team:
• Full professors : Franck Ravat ; Laurent Perrussel ; Chihab Hanachi ; Josiane Mothe.
Lecturers : Sylvie Doutre ; Benoit Gaudou ; Sylvain Cussat-Blanc ; Cyrielle Vellera ; Julien Grobert ; Umberto Grandi; Stéphane Salgado ; Nathalie Valles-Parlangeau.
• External teachers: Gehrard Straub; Edith Gozlan; Lionel Durand; Radouhene Azzabi.

The coursework duration lasts 10 months and constitutes a total of 250 hours.

SEMESTER 3 : Innovation
– 30 ECTS – 250 hrs
UE 1 : Innovative software methods 40h 5 ECTS
UE 2 : Innovative data management 40h 5 ECTS
UE 3 : Collective intelligence 40h 5 ECTS
UE 4 : Business strategy and innovation in IT 40h 5 ECTS
UE 5 : Professionalisation: term project, soft skills and foreign language courses 90h 10 ECTS

SEMESTER 4: Innovation in action – 30 ECTS
5-month internship in a company, followed by a final examination 30 ECTS

Additional complementary activities: physical activities and sports, university orchestra.

Academic team:
To be announced in 2018/2019.

Pedagogical means and methods:
In an internal attendance mode, the coursework is adjusted to the number of students enrolled in the Master 2. Besides theoretical courses conducted by teachers, a practical and concrete approach of studied topics is provided by professionals. Students will also be granted free access to various university services such as computer rooms or documentation services.

At the Faculty of Information Technologies of University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, we promote innovative teaching methods: capstone projects, flipped classrooms and serious games. We go beyond teaching hard skills, proposing training on soft skills like teamwork and communication skills classes.

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 5

Targeted skill(s)

2IS graduates have a solid preparation in computer science (from object-oriented programming, to data science and artificial intelligence) and information technologies (business intelligence, business process modelling and web services), complemented by basic training in management and strategy of innovation.
Soft skills such as presentation and team-work skills will be acquired, as well as a strong attitude to life-long learning and self-development. Two group projects proposed by external companies and a 6-month long internship complete the training of 2IS students with the necessary professional skills.

Career Opportunities

All MIAGE graduate students have a unique combination of technical and business skills, guaranteeing a high employability in the software or consulting sector.

Typical positions held by MIAGE graduate students are:
  • business analyst
  • management and IT consultant
  • IT support and project management
  • IT consultant
  • data consultant
  • software analyst
  • innovative software architect
  • software entrepreneur

Contact details


Information on degrees and career orientation :

University Career, Guidance and Information Service (SUIO-IP)
(Anciennes Facultés)
2, rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty
31042 Toulouse Cedex 9
Mail : suio-ip@ut-capitole.fr
Phone: + 33 5 61 63 37 28

Internship office
Bâtiment Arsenal, 3ème étage, AR379 et 381
Mail: stages@ut-capitole.fr
Phone: 05 61 63 37 35 / 35 18

Registrar office contact details


Vocational Training Department
Bureau AR 4 bis
2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty
31042 Toulouse Cedex 9
Mail: scolarite.informatique@ut-capitole.fr
Phone: +33 5 61 63 86 53

Umberto Grandi
Mail: umberto.grandi@ut-capitole.fr
Phone : +33 5 67 73 29 61

Employee training contact details

Formation continue
Manufacture des Tabacs- Bat. Q
21, allée de Brienne
31042 Toulouse Cedex 9
Mail: m2fcv2a@ut-capitole.fr
Phone: + 33 5 61 12 88 36