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Master (2nd Year) LLM International Aviation Law

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 4
Length of studies
1 year - 2 semesters
Cost and financial aid
Rates 2023/2024: Alternate training: Coverage by the company and its OPCO Apprenticeship contract : 9 000€ - private sector/ public sector Professionalisation contract: Please contact apprenticeship service Initial training: 243€ for registration + 5757€ for specific fees

Director of studies

M. Laurent Grosclaude, Maître de Conférences


Flying has become common but for most human beings it remains an incredible achievement! In spite of the Covid-19 global crisis, the aviation sector has a bright future. This crisis is a real game-changer, legitimately questioning both players and models, but it is definitely not the end of the long-lasting adventure of aviation. Air traffic is gradually resuming and private entities as well as public institutions are committed to tackling aviation’s greatest challenge: flying with net zero emissions. Aside from environmental concerns, regional and international regulation authorities, airlines, airport operators, aircraft manufacturers, OEM, MRO and firms have to face a growing number of complex challenges and to deal with more legal and regulatory issues such as safety, security, export control, embargoes, data protection, competition, unmanned systems... In this context, the demand for qualified legal expertise is increasing. The LLM International Aviation Law aims at offering strong expertise and appropriate solutions to aviation sector players. With over 410 hours of face-to face teaching, a set of comprehensive modules addressing the major current legal issues of this area, and many academic and industrial partnerships, this LLM stands first and unique worldwide and is designed both for graduate students and for top executives in these domains.


Teaching load 432h, including 410 hours of courses, 12h of apprenticeship guidance and 10 hours of exams.



Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 4

Alternate training (program where the time is shared between courses and professional experience)

The apprenticeship Master 2 LLM International Aviation Law is attached to MidiSup, which brings together engineering schools and UT Capitole.

Admission conditions

Targeted public:
The LLM is open to applicants:
- holding a 1st year of a Master's degree (240 ECTS)
- holding a Bachelor’s degree granted in 4 years (240 ECTS)
- holding an Engineering degree
- holding an equivalent degree in the fields of Law, Economics, Management, Engineering, Tourism...
- or having proven solid professional experience related to the aviation sector

A good command of English is mandatory (no test required).

Intake: 15 students max.


Selection criteria

The admission committee will assess your application based on academic results, personal experience (international and/or professional) and motivation.

Application dates :


Required documents for all applicants :

- A copy of your passport or I.D
- A copy of diploma(s) and official transcript(s).
- A cover letter (in English)
- A curriculum vitae (in English)
- Certificate of English proficiency (not mandatory)

IMPORTANT : Depending on your country of residence, you may have to comply with additional procedures. Please get in touch with the Campus France office in your home country or check at: www.campusfrance.org.


Cost and financial aid :

Rates 2023/2024: Alternate training: Coverage by the company and its OPCO Apprenticeship contract : 9 000€ - private sector/ public sector Professionalisation contract: Please contact apprenticeship service Initial training: 243€ for registration + 5757€ for specific fees



SEMESTER 3&4 - 410 hours

UE 1: Core Module 1 – Aerospace Legal Framework - 75h
Introduction to the ecosystem, challenges and international aviation law 8h
Private international law – 15h
Dispute resolution (litigation / ADR / Arbitration) – 15h
Chicago convention and its annexes / OACI 10h
Circulations rights 12h
Aviation historical and geopolitical landmarks 5h
Intellectual property in the aviation sector – 10h

UE 2: Core Module 2 – Aerospace Economics & Management - 65h
Compliance in the aviation sector – 10h
Aviation economics – 10h
Aerospace management – 15h
Insurance issues in the air sector – 10h
Sustainable development and air transport – 20h

UE 3: Specialized Module – Contracts and Financing - 70h
Sales, purchase, and support contracts - 15h
Guarantees – 10h
Aircraft financing 15h
Export control and economic sanctions – 20h
Aviation and competition law – 10h

UE 4: Specialized Module – Security, Safety, Liability - 75h
Aviation security – 10h
Aviation safety and accident investigation – 15h
International Aviation Criminal Law 10h
Carriers liability / passenger’s rights – 20h
Data protection in aviation – 10h
Human factors – 10h

UE 5 : Specialized Module – Air carriers - 40h
Air carriers regulations 10h
Airlines cooperation 10h
Business aviation 10h
Freight transport 10h

UE 6: Specialized Module Aircraft and UAV - 40h
Drones regulatory framework – 15h
Aerospace engineering (aircraft, air transport system) – 15h
Airworthiness – 10h

UE 7: Specialized Module Aircraft and UAV - 27h
Airport construction, ownership and management models 15h
Airport facilitation and slots management 5h
Ground handling operations 7h

Methodology 18h

Conditions of validation

The Assessment of Knowledge Terms are given at the beginning of the session and mention the assessment terms for obtaining the National Diploma: International and European Law, LL.M. International Aviation Law course. Assessments are made by written and oral final examinations.

The terms and conditions of assessment (MCC) can be downloaded from the download list on the right-hand side of this page.


Career Opportunities

Students who obtain the LLM have several legal job opportunities, and especially those in relation with international aviation law. The program provides them with the skills needed to hold positions in international law firms, private sector companies (e.g. airlines, aircraft and engine manufacturers, OEM, MRO), civil aviation authorities but also in public services, including international or European institutions.

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