Financial Support for international students - Eiffel

Eiffel Grants

The Eiffel grants of excellence are offered to foreign students who wish to study for a Master’s degree or to benefit from a 10-month PhD mobility scheme for a thesis co-supervision (preferably during the 2nd or 3rd year of the PhD) in France.

How does it work ?
Academic level: Master’s degree or PhD in co-supervision or co-direction.

The Eiffel grants are not offered to students interested by having an academic career in teaching or research.

The establishment selected by the candidate submits and supports the student’s application (students cannot submit their own application).

The students who wish to apply must submit an application with the followings information (all documents must be sent in PDF format):
  • A CV (1 to 2 pages both in French and  in English describing achievements : distinctions, ranking, …)
  • The last three-year records of learning and achievements;
  • A 1-to-2 page career development project in French or in English: applicants are expected to detail their personal project so as to account for their choice of studying in France in relation to prior studies and to their future professional career. The specific title of the course elected should be carefully stated.
  • A French language skills certificate. If applying for an English- taught (or partly taught) course, an English language skills certificate (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) will be requested.
  • copy of your passport
  • Possibly, some recommendation letters.

PhD students must submit additional documents:
  • a presentation of the thesis project and the state of progress of the research (thesis subject, plan, bibliography)
  • financing plan
  • cotutelle convention or certificate of co-direction

Application deadlines and contacts:

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