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ERC “starting” grant awarded to Thomas Chaney

from October 8, 2013 to November 8, 2013

Thomas Chaney who joined TSE in 2012 has been awarded a starting grant by the European Research Council for his work FiNet (Firm Networks Trade and Growth).

Thomas Chaney, professor of economics and researcher at TSE has been awarded an ERC

« starting  grant » for his research project entitled "Firm Networks Trade and Growth" addressing the concept of  the large scale economic networks  in mainstream economics  and more particularly  in macroeconomics and international trade.

ERC « Starting Grants » (junior researchers) aid the research leaders who are about to set up or consolidate an adequate research team and are starting to carry out independent research work in Europe. This ERC allowance goes to promising young researchers with strong potential to emerge as independent research leaders. It supports the creation of new research teams of excellence and strengthens those that have been recently set up. The extremely selective criteria testify to the high-ranking quality of this achievement: only 11% of the  5000 "Starting Grant" applications  submitted in 2012 were selected, among which 1.5% in France.
Updated on the October 17, 2013