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  • Joint Research unit

Toulouse Institute in Mathematics – Research Centre in Mathematics (IMT-CEREMATH)


Université Toulouse 1 Capitole Manufacture des tabacs 21 allée de Brienne

Phone :
0561128509 / 0561128506
Fax :
05 61 12 85 62
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General information

Authority : CNRS, Ministry

Reference : UMR 5219

Departments : Mathématiques et leurs interactions


Research topics

This team works in mathematical analysis, particularly on partial differential equations. The changes in climatology, population dynamics, economics, environment, finance, mechanics, etc… are modelled by partial differential equations (EDP). The group attempts to answer the questions concerning existing solutions, the multiplicity of these solutions and their characteristics.

Is the solution worked out numerically a close approximation of reality? These are our concerns.
We are currently studying more precisely:

  • Reaction- diffusion equations, equations in finance (theoretical and digital)
  • Availability of solutions, number and estimate of these solutions, changes of direction
  • Spectral theory of irregular problems, irregularity arising from the operator or from the domain: fractals.

Numerical studies of equations in finance. The group organizes regular seminars at the Manufacture and has established a great number of international collaborations.

For further information, please visit:
The group is attached to the Toulouse Institute of Mathematics (Dr M.Ledoux) and more particularly to the MIP group (Dr P.Degond).