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UT Capitole member of the European University ENGAGE.EU

ENGAGE.EU's objectives

ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in the fields of business, economics and social sciences with a rich experience in the analysis of societal change. The ambition of the alliance is to enable its learners to act as socially engaged European citizens and have an impact on society as a whole.
To this end, seven universities from seven different countries have decided to transform themselves into the European University ENGAGE.EU and change the way they educate, investigate, innovate and reach out to people. The partner universities want to become an incubator for leading societal change based on academic excellence and working with society. The initiative has been selected to be part of the European Universities 2020 strategy.

The future of Europe will be shaped by major societal challenges: digitisation and artificial intelligence, climate change, ageing societies, migration, and all the challenges related to the United Nations' sustainable development goals as well as new challenges that may emerge in the coming decades.


ENGAGE.EU is a consortium of seven universities sharing European values and a global perspective:
All of the institutions together currently constitute an academic community of over 100,000 students, scholars and staff.
The alliance will exploit the unique synergies of its renowned members, bringing a new dimension to existing collaborations through a common approach and purpose: each university brings a unique perspective, thanks to its own areas of specialization as well as a unique geographic and economic context.

By participating in this alliance, the Toulouse Capitole University intends to offer its students innovative programs and mobility on the theme of societal commitment. UT Capitole wants students and citizens to be active learners, engaged in society.
In a clear European perspective, new approaches to research and training will be explored and developed, in order to set up a European campus for future professionals, taking into account society and societal changes once they are engaged in their professional life.

With the advent of the project, UT Capitol is now part of a dynamic consortium of quality European universities that will be constantly striving for excellence in the years to come and beyond.

For students who are socially engaged European citizens

ENGAGE.EU aims to enable its students to act as socially engaged European citizens and have an impact on society as a whole.

Building on a solid foundation in the field of social sciences, the alliance is based on a global approach, via three interconnected axes :
  • Engagement in Learning,
  • Commitment to Research and Innovation,
  • and Commitment to the Company.
More specifically, the partner universities are pursuing the objective of developing new common courses and teaching formats on topical and promising subjects.
Toulouse Capitole University is participating in this Online Exchange Initiative.

These offers must involve not only students currently enrolled in the consortium's institutions, but also interested learners from civil society.

For a scientific research of structural cooperation

In the field of research, among others, a think tank is intended to enrich the structural cooperation between researchers, learners and other actors of the alliance.

Finally, the ENGAGE.EU laboratories allow universities to exchange ideas with civil society and business actors and to open a space for innovation.

The universities of ENGAGE.EU look forward to working together in this new European University. It will represent a unique opportunity to educate and inspire a new generation of citizens who will contribute to making Europe a world reference in the way we address societal challenges.