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Take the Challenge 10 !

du 23 juin 2021 au 25 juin 2021

Library - large rooms, Library, Arsenal, UT1 (in person)

Formation en anglais conçue pour les enseignants de l'Université Toulouse Capitole

Take the Challenge 10 : Learning with games, competition and laughter

When? : 23,24,25 June 2021

Where?: Library - large rooms, Library, Arsenal, UT1 (in person)

With whom? : Jennifer, Joanna, Mariana, Michael and Bairbre and your colleagues from all facullties in UT1 (small group, all COVID restrictions adhered to)

The theme? : Defusing Stress; Learning through Games; The anxiety and excitement of Competition while Learning; Laughter and Learning
How?: Register with langues.etrangeres@ut-capitole.fr or tie@ut-capitole.fr ( Department of Languages) or Isabelle.Roujean@ut-capitole.fr (Department of Professional Training)
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