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Teacher Shadowing

As a follow-up to your Teaching in English Course, Take the Challenge, we suggest you try Teacher Shadowing !
In short, we attend one of your lectures or tutorials in English and then give you constructive feedback -both linguistic and pedagogical.
There will be pre- and post- reflection on your part :


  • Discuss the teaching you would like to have observed
  • Share information about the teaching session and the objectives
  • Reflect on what you would like to learn from the observation


  • Meet to discuss what you have learnt from the process immediately or shortly after the observation
  • Use the observation form to offer feedback on how you feel the teaching went
  • We will provide positive and constructive feedback
  • Together we will explore what we have learnt from the process, wether as an observer or through the process of being observed

Interested ?

Send an email to jennifer.harpur@tse-fr.eu with the dates and times when you will be teaching in english this semestre.
Include as many as possible and we'll get back to you with a clear explanation of how we will proceed.

Looking forward to seeing you in action !

Facilitators : Jennifer Harpur and Michael Harlow