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Different categories of society actors

Updated on December 14, 2012

Our researchers’ work is connected to both the economic world and the sphere of public actors and policy making.

pictogramme_basiqueNational and international enterprises :  in the energy sector, researchers from TSE are studying the issue of energy prices with a special focus on the setting up of a social tariff for electricity in France. They also conduct comprehensive market analyses on what could be a “fair price” for medicines (see the research work of the public economics specialists).
pictogramme_basiqueSMEs : together with regional SMEs, our computer scientists from IRIT are involved in the setting- up of the underlying requirements for the conception of serious games. This initial design phase is usually followed by a phase of practical implementation and realization of the serious game through a network of partner SMEs which are specialized in the actual production of serious games. Our computer scientists are working on different types of serious games, which can be applied to various environments such as the medical world and the operating theatre.
pictogramme_basiquePolicy makers : in cooperation with these actors, researchers highlight sound criteria according to which decisions could be made and they clarify the consequences for society of established policies. They also contribute to the emergence of best practices and policy making.  While our economists at TSE are helping shaping the price policy of goods, the law researchers at IRDEIC, through their publications are of important support to both national and European institutions regarding the shaping of new legal texts and regulations. For instance, a project funded by the European Union made it possible to make a first and unprecedented contribution to the shaping of a European private law code. At the same time, our Management researchers at CRM are, among other aspects, looking at the human resources practices within firms and analyzing the state of the working organization into the enterprise world, while CDA’s researchers are studying the consequences of the RSE (Social and Environmental Responsibility) legal obligations within businesses, and LERNA’s work focuses on the economic consequences of climate change.
pictogramme_basiqueNational agencies : some researchers from IMH are involved in the national bioethics committee, where their legal expertise is much appreciated in a dialogue with medical authorities.
pictogramme_basiqueRegional authorities : Researchers from LEREPS are working on the spatial impact of the aeronautics industry across the Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine regions.
pictogramme_basiqueLocal authorities : Researchers from IEJUC are working on urban studies, spatial planning and environmental issues in an urban context: their publications and conferences are of great interest to the Communauté Urbaine du Grand Toulouse (Greater Toulouse). IEJUC researchers are thus involved in the Institut de la Ville  which fosters interdisciplinary cooperations between researchers in social sciences and humanities from the Toulouse region, in close collaboration with professionals (Ordre des Architectes de Midi-Pyrénées – Professional order gathering regional architects) as well with the different local authorities (Regional Council, General Council, Sivocal, district associations etc.).
pictogramme_basiqueLaw professionals and magistrates : University Toulouse 1 Capitole Law Faculty has established strong links with the local network of law professionals and magistrates. In 2011 the university founded the association “Toulouse European City of Law”, which gathers, in different European cities, both law professional and magistrates, and the respective local law specialists and experts from various universities. This bridge between the academic sphere (university teaching and research) and the professional sphere, makes it possible to enhance academic activities by taking into account the daily practices of the law professionals and magistrates at the European level.
pictogramme_basiqueLaw enforcement authorities : through some emerging work in the field of cyber-activisms, some of our researchers are working in close cooperation with local policing authorities, in order to shed some light on the social mobilizations occurring in different regions of the world.