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UT 1 far-reaching influence

At the European level



University Toulouse Capitole is a member of the European Network ENTER (Exchange for Training in Economic Research) which is a cooperative venture between eight leading European Economics Departments, located in Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), London (United Kingdom), Madrid (Spain), Mannheim (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Tilburg (the Netherlands) and Toulouse (France).

 Its aim is to foster internationally competitive research of the highest possible quality, by broadening the base for competent supervision and intensive interaction towards research in Economics.


At the national level



During the latest scientific evaluation campaign by the French Agency in charge of the evaluation of research (AERES) 5 of the 16 research teams of University Toulouse Capitole have been awarded the excellent score of A+.



University Toulouse Capitole (through IRDEIC) is a member of the national GDR (Research Group recognized by CNRS) ELSJ which is an academic network specialized in the legal aspects of Liberty, Security and Justice in the European Union. This network aims at becoming a centre of excellence at the European level by bringing together the experts in European law, private law as well as public law around the major themes of development of the European Area of freedom, security and justice. It also serves as a point of entry and contact with the French leading academic centres which are already involved in European networks as far as research issues such as immigration, judicial cooperation, European fundamental rights, civil cooperation are concerned.