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A multidisciplinary academic actor that goes back a long way


Toulouse University is the second oldest university in France. It was created in 1229, just after the Sorbonne which dates back to 1200. Université Toulouse Capitole’s academic foundations initially started around Law and Political science but the campus has gone through major scientific diversification in the 60s, with the development of further research teams focusing on economics and management.

These relatively new research axes are now well known worldwide: the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) is world famous and the Toulouse School of Management - TSM is also renowned across borders. In the meantime, the Law Faculty still ranks first in France for the number of its students.

Researchers connected and contributing to society and policy making

University Toulouse Capitole is a key actor in the Toulouse region in terms of research and teaching in social sciences. The university research fields (Law, Economics, Management and Computer Science) play a great role in:

  • the analysis and understanding of society major trends and evolution
  • tackling existing and newly arising societal challenges
  • bringing a contribution to policy-making and shaping the new regulations of our post-modern society

Researchers at University Toulouse Capitole are greatly recognized by a great number of stakeholders due to their dedicated expertise, independence of thought and capacity to conduct a differentiated analysis with a prospective and large scope medium-term view.