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Are you looking for accommodation in Toulouse ?

Looking for accommodation can sometimes seem complicated. Indeed, housing market in Toulouse is competitive and demand is often higher than supply. Even if this offers the advantage of a reduced notice period of one month, reactivity and anticipation will be two key assets in finding accommodation. 

Here is some information that might be useful if you’re looking for accommodation in Toulouse. You can also find all the housing guides and flyers in the links below.


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Types of accommodation


Accommodation in the private park


La Carte Des Colocs is a simple and free portal which allows you to find the ideal shared flat.

Social accommodation

You will find here some social housing (also known as "HLM") websites : Information at the residences or on :


Residences "Habitat Jeunes"

The Regional Union for Youth Housing (URHAJ) welcomes young people between 16 and 30 years of age who are employees, apprentices, students or trainees. Several types of accommodation are proposed. Information on :

Public Housing Platforms and Portals


Cité Internationale - Université de Toulouse (CIUT)

The University of Toulouse offers a residence dedicated to short and long stays.

Toul'Box - Pack Logement


The Federal University of Toulouse has set up a personalised reception service to help you settle in: the Toul'Box.

This 200€ pack includes :
  • welcome at the airport or train station
  • the opening of a bank account
  • accommodation reservation
  • house insurance
  • public transport card

The Federal University of Toulouse will search among their partners for an accommodation that suits your criteria and make a reservation in your name. There is also a free pack with lots of information. Check this page for more information.


Bienvé is a site intended for people looking for social housing - for renting or buying - commercial premises, a parking lot, a plot of land... It is fed by HLM organisations who wish to make their available offers better known. It was created by l’Union sociale pour l’habitat, which is the structure that brings together all the social landlords in France.

CRIJ Portal

Youth Information (CRIJ Occitanie) is a public service mission, defined and guaranteed by the State.
It is implemented by the Regional Youth Information Points, Offices and Centres (PIJ, BIJ and CRIJ): Please check the interactive map
The mission of these structures is to inform young people on all subjects that concern them: studies, professions, employment - odd jobs, continuing education, daily life, rights, health, housing, projects - initiatives, culture, leisure, sports, holidays and Europe - abroad.
A label
These structures are labelled by the State. They commit to fulfilling the criteria set by the State and to respect the National Youth Information Charter and the European Youth Information Charter.

Support for Disabled Dependent Students

20 dwellings fully domotised (motorisation of doors, adjustable furniture (table, sink, shelves...) with social and night life support service. The residence, located close to public transport and shops, allows a perfect integration of the student in the social and university life. website 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I budget for rent?

The price of the rent varies according to the size and location of your accommodation. In Toulouse, plan between 350€ and 600€ for your accommodation.
Click on the image to download it

Source: University of Toulouse Housing Guide
⚠ Also take into account the additional charges and expenses you will have to pay. Please note that for some international students, there are different fees related to your registration at the University.

How do I choose my neighbourhood?

We advise you to live in a place close to the Faculty in which you are going to study. If you want to be at the heart of Toulouse's cultural activities, choose accommodation in the city center instead. Be careful, the cost of accommodation in the city center is nevertheless much more expensive.
Click on the image to download it

You also have to take into consideration the Toulouse metro lines. As the University Capitole is easily accessible by the Compans-Caffarelli stop (line B) and the Capitole stop (line A), feel free to choose a place close to these stops to save time.
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What is home insurance?

In France, home insurance is compulsory for all tenants. This contract covers the risks related to the rental of a property (claims, water damage, fire...). 
The price of this insurance depends on the size of your accommodation, its location and the value of the insured goods. Feel free to compare prices (banks, insurance companies, online insurance). 
The tenant has to justify this insurance certificate at the time of the handing over of the keys and at each renewal of the lease contract.

Do I need a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who undertakes to pay the tenant's rent if the tenant is unable to meet his or her obligations. In France, many landlords or agencies require the tenant to have a guarantor.

What if I don't have a guarantor?
For Studapart accommodation (see paragraph "Platforms and portals "Housing Information""), the platform also allows you to be your guarantor. Cost: 50€ + (3.5% of the amount of your rent * number of months). 
For private housing, if you do not have a guarantor, you can call upon an organization that can act as guarantor for you : Visale (see paragraph "Post-accession assistance devices")

What is a lease and how does it work?

A lease is a rental agreement in which the owner (or agency) undertakes to rent a property to a tenant for a specified period of time. Read more 

If you wish, you can leave your accommodation before the date written on the lease. To do so, you must send your landlord a notice by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The notice period can be from one to three months (one month in Toulouse). Read more 

In order for the lease to be committed, a deposit may be required from you. The deposit (also called a security deposit) is a amount of money paid by the tenant to the landlord (or the agency) when the lease is signed. This amount is returned to the tenant when she leaves the premises if the accommodation has not suffered any damage. The amount of the deposit varies but it is often equivalent to one or two months' rent.

Post-Accession Support Devices


LOCA-PASS is an assistance device which helps you finance the security deposit of your accommodation.


When you rent accommodation in France, you might have to get a guarantor (who is often a member of your family or friends).
If you do not have any guarantor, Visale can take on this role for a period of 3 years, active for a maximum rent of 1200€ (including charges).

⚠ Visale is not a home insurance. You have to take a home insurance for your accommodation. 


The PASS-LOG is an assistance device that helps students pay for their first month’s rent.


CAF (Caisse d'allocations familiales) is a public organization which provides financial support. Students can receive some help to pay for their rent by applying to the « personalised housing assistance » (APL) and the « social housing allowance » (ALS). These two financial schemes are granted on the basis of social criteria.

Apply here
⚠ TThe application must be submitted within the first two months of your move. 
⚠ It takes between two and three months to obtain this financial support. 
⚠ You will not receive any assistance for the first month of rental.