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Partner Institutions

Toulouse Capitole University is working on the internationalisation of its training programmes. Besides a large choice of destinations available to mobility students, our University has developed several training programmes with other universities throughout the world.

There are many opportunities for students who wish to study abroad, thanks to the agreements signed in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme or on a bilateral basis. Furthermore, UT Capitole sees that its 
double degrees are negociated with prestigious universities in the world by offering its programmes in a foreign language.

Lastly, because UT Capitole is convinced with the importance of building close relationships with international partners, the University has developed innovative training systems. Thus, specific programmes targeting foreign students before arrival, as well as offshore degrees, have been implemented over the years.

Agreements & Conventions

Check the list of our European and International partners (student mobility, double degrees, ...)

Doctoral mobility and joint PhDs

Check the list of our doctoral mobility agreements and joint PhD

Specific programmes

These specific visitor programmes support students so as to facilitate their integration into training programmes at UT Capitole.

Delocalised programmes

Delocalized programmes are French training courses offered in a foreign country. They are organized in partnership with a local university.