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Teams and structures

Teams and structures

Research at University Toulouse Capitole is organized in 15 research teams and 3 “fédérative structures” ( whose main aim is to federate research activities in a given area).

5 of these research teams have been evaluated by the French Research Evaluation Agency (AERES) and have been awarded the highest score of A+ during the latest campaign in 2010.
One of the key features of research at University Toulouse Capitole is the large number of its teams and bodies. Moreover, research teams at University Toulouse Capitole have various administrative and legal statuses, which are briefly presented below.

Research teams

These 10 research teams are only under the sole supervision of University Toulouse Capitole. They are referred to as host teams (“équipes d’accueil” in French).

Federative research structures

The university has also 3 federative structures, whose main mission is to foster scientific cooperation across different research teams.

Joint Research Units : research teams connected to a national research organization

5 research teams are Joint Research Units (JRUs – Unité Mixte de Recherche – UMR, in French), they are under the joint supervision of both University Toulouse Capitole and different national organizations : e.g. CNRS (French National Centre for Research) or INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research).