Summer and Winter Schools

A summer or winter school is an intensive training program which takes place outside of the traditional academic calendar aimed at forging collaborations between Masters, PhD and post-doctorate students, and professors from around the world.

The aim of summer and winter schools is to take learning outside of laboratories to discuss specific research issues and current affairs in a more intimate and relaxed setting. Summer and winter schools usually feature a social and cultural programme so that participants can get to know eachother outside of the summer or winter school's academic programme. 

This initiative is important for the university in order to advance its research on an international scale, to strengthen transnational collaborations between universities and colleagues, and to encourage partnerships in ways other than traditional mobility.

For further information regarding summer and winter schools, please contact Rachel Boss-Benoist, "Internationalisation at home" Project Manager:

Summer School 2023

"Introduction to empirical legal research methods" from June 05 to 16, 2023

The International Office was honored to offer organisation support for the first edition of this summer school, organized by the Faculty of Law and Political Science and the International Research Center for Society.