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For students who are socially engaged European citizens

ENGAGE.EU aims to enable its students to act as socially engaged European citizens and have an impact on society as a whole.

Building on a solid foundation in the field of social sciences, the alliance is based on a global approach, via three interconnected axes :
  • Engagement in Learning,
  • Commitment to Research and Innovation,
  • and Commitment to the Company.
More specifically, the partner universities are pursuing the objective of developing new common courses and teaching formats on topical and promising subjects.

These offers must involve not only students currently enrolled in the consortium's institutions, but also interested learners from civil society.

Online Exchange Initiative

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Dessin vectoriel cours en ligne - Dessin vectoriel cours en ligne

Incoming Students
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  • Review of the 7th Expedition Week in Sofia!
    16 Oct - 20 Oct

    The 7th and final Expedition Week of the year is drawing to a close! From 16 to 20 October, students from partner universities tested ideas and sought solutions in the field of Sustainable Development Goal 11: sustainable cities. Of the 5 UT Capitole students selected from the 40 or so applicants, one of them came back with the winning team cup! [ + ]

  • A look back at the 4th ENGAGE.EU Expedition Week of the year!
    21 May - 26 May

    After Tilburg (Netherlands), Mannheim (Germany) and Toulouse, the 4th ENGAGE.EU Expedition Week took place at WU Vienna (Austria). [ + ]

  • Discover an original training programme offered by ENGAGE.EU!
    2 Dec

    Are you curious to know what an ENGAGE.EU Expedition Week consists of? Then discover without further delay the testimonies of the European students who participated in the Smart Cities Expedition in Toulouse! [ + ]

  • The second edition of the ENGAGE.EU Summer School ENGAGE.EU will be held by WU VIenna !
    15 Feb - 15 Mar

    Registration for the second ENGAGE.EU Summer School has started! From July 17 to 28, 2023, WU Vienna in Austria is hosting this year's training based on the theme "Transformation to sustainability in Europe: challenges and solutions". [ + ]

  • Back on the Expedition Week on Smart Cities in Toulouse !
    27 Nov - 2 Dec

    Toulouse Capitole University was delighted to host for the first time an Expedition Week on Smart Cities gathering students from the seven European universities of the ENGAGE.EU alliance.Congratulations to the winning team and to all the participants! [ + ]

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