TSE-P for partnership research excellence


Jean-Jacques Laffont, founding father of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), has always been keen to link economic research to the challenges of economic decision-making. From this heritage was born the TSE-Partnerships Foundation (TSE-P).

Toulouse economists have thus established numerous partnerships with companies and institutions in order to confront their models and scientific intuitions with data and insights from economic actors.

The activities of TSE-P contribute to the academic excellence and influence of TSE and the Toulouse Capitole University. The Toulouse Capitole University is also one of the founding members of TSE-P.


Logo TSE
Logo TSE
  • producing high-level academic research on key topics of common interest to academics and partners ;

  • bringing academic insights to practitioners to help corporations, NGOs, governmental bodies, and regulatory institutions make well-informed decisions.

Thematic centers

TSE-P is entrusted with managing the TSE thematic centers which substantially build on key research advances and outreach activities stemming from research partnerships.

Main objectives of the centers:
  • Bring together and foster TSE’s scientific expertise within a given area
  • Organize TSE’s contribution to public debate
  • Facilitate relations with partners and policymakers