TSE-P for partnership research excellence



Jean-Jacques Laffont, founding father of the Toulouse School of Economics, has always been keen to link economic research to the challenges of economic decision-making. From this heritage was born TSE-Partenariat.

Toulouse economists have thus established numerous partnerships with companies and institutions in order to confront their models and scientific intuitions with data from economic actors.




  • Be at the forefront of international research in collaboration with TSE partners;
  • Contribute to the academic excellence and influence of TSE and the Toulouse Capitole University.
TSE-P has two missions:
  • Responding to economic and social challenges by sharing the economic expertise of researchers with decision-makers. This assistance to companies, NGOs, government organizations and regulatory bodies could thus enable them to better respond to societal challenges.
  • Contribute to public debate through an innovative scientific approach to answer future questions.

Thematic centers

Today, these exchanges take place in particular through three thematic centers:


They were created to promote research activities and publications. Their themes are particularly cross-cutting and general enough to cover most societal topics.