ENGAGE.EU Research

For a scientific research of structural cooperation

In the field of research, ENGAGE.EU aims to develop collaborative, multidisciplinary research projects around societal issues. The aim of these initiatives is to improve the state of current knowledge and to train alliance students in the new global challenges.

Several steps have been taken to make this new research collaboration between the alliance's researchers possible:
  • Making the publications of the alliance's researchers on societal issues accessible and visible. (publications platform).
  • Get in touch and find out about the research interests of other researchers in the alliance. (community platform).
  • Participate in networking events (particularly for the alliance's doctoral students and young researchers).
  • Taking part in ENGAGE EU Think Tanks: week-long research stays aimed at creating joint research projects around a predefined research theme.

Publication Platform

Publication Plateform

Come and discover the publications of the alliance's researchers.


Research Community Platform

 Research Community Platform

Come and find out about the research interests of the Alliance's researchers and get in touch with them!


Doctoral Students and Early-Stage Researchers

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Contact the ENGAGE local Office
Email : engage-cellule@ut-capitole.fr

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