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Updated on August 27, 2015

The Head of the University is the  elected Chancellor  for a four-year term. He is assisted by a Board which comprises vice-presidents and official representatives 

A student  vice-president is also a member of the board. He is elected by the CEVU (The Council of Academic Affairs and Student Life) for a two-year period and mostly deals with questions related to student life.


pictogramme_basiqueThe three central boards :

  • The Governing Board, (CA) decides and implements the University policy.
  • The Council of Academic Affairs and Student Life, (CEVU)  is consulted about the curriculae contents, student guidance and integration.  
  • The Scientific Committee, (CS) is consulted about research policy directions, recruitment issues and lecturer-researcher positions.

These are the university strategy-making bodies.  

The administrative services implement the strategies designed by the central bodies and agreed on by the Governing Board.