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Philographics : graphic design by Genis Carreras

from September 6, 2013 to December 21, 2013

Monday to Friday
9 am - 7 pm 
9.30 am - 5.30 pm
Free access
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La Manufacture des Tabacs
University Library

After travelling successfully all over Europe, the minimalist illustrations by the young graphic designer born in Catalonia are on display at the University library, Manufacture des Tabacs.

Philosophy on display

The set of 24 posters by London-based graphic designer, Genis Carreras (alias name Gex), has been acclaimed in England for its stunningly crystal-clear approach of philosophical theories. The challenge was to translate several philosophical concepts into minimalist geometrical forms and largely evocative colours. Thanks to this new visual language, philosophy is now easy to apprehend and even to sense. The author either uses illustrated metaphors or reinvents symbols or merges … it all. But let’s not be mistaken: the exhibition is particularly relevant. By shaping and depicting big ideas into simple designs, the 24 graphic works take on all their meaning when visualized as a whole. You cannot misinterpret them since Gens Carreras has been “smart” enough to share his own definitions with the spectators while leaving free rein to individual interpretation

Updated on the November 19, 2013