UT1 Handicap


The UT1 Handicap service is there to welcome you, advise you and support you throughout your university studies.
Whether it is temporary, permanent or due to a serious health problem, you can benefit from special measures.

In order to benefit from all the measures necessary for the smooth running of your studies at our University, it is essential that you contact the SIMPPS and then the UT1 Handicap service as soon as the new academic year begins, according to the calendar (in french).

The registration period to benefit from accommodations for semester 1 is over. In order to obtain accommodations for Disability for semester 2 of the academic year 2020-2021 : Make an appointment with the Doctor of Preventive Medicine and UT1 HANDICAP before January 22, 2021.

These measures are valid for one academic year and are not automatically renewable.

You have obtained a recommendation sheet for accommodation? Don't forget to send it to us at handicap@ut-capitole.fr. Moreover, due to the current sanitary conditions, the appointment at the Pôle Handicap is by phone.

Office AR 31
Tel 05 61 63 35 28
05 61 63 37 05