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Toulouse European School of Law : a European school of law UT1 Capitole at the start of the 2014 academic year

from May 7, 2014 to October 7, 2014

Toulouse 1 Capitole University is opening a European school of law -Toulouse European School of Law (TESL) - as part of the Political Science and Law Faculty

Press Conference
Under the patronage of M. Laurent FABIUS
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development
with the participation of Mrs Geneviève FIORASO
Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research

Wednesday May 7th 2014
11:45 am
Quai d’Orsay
Salon des Beauvais
1 rue Esnault de Pelleterie
75007 Paris

 Toulouse European School of Law (TESL), an innovative approach to legal teaching, means to train jurists in European law right from their first year.
pictogramme_basiqueWhat makes TESL innovative:
• It offers to train students in European law from Bachelor’s first year,
• It relies on double programs or double degrees organized in partnership with European university (14 double degrees with partner universities from 8 countries),
• Mobility becomes an essential part of training for law :
• It offers training for two different law systems to develop students’ capacity to compare and connect,
• It requires multilingual competences in order to keep law and national cultures connected,
• It enriches the training in European law with a European cultural approach.
" We want to train jurists capable of working for Europe, its citizens and its corporations», Sylvaine Peruzzetto, Law Professor said. « It is both the strength and singularity of Europe that allow university cooperation to develop and to valorize cultural and legal diversity as part of the training. Law training for Europe goes beyond teaching national legal systems, beyond teaching comparative law which is limited to comparing, beyond teaching international law which merely replaces national by international law. It also obliges us to know, understand, establish connections, devise the laws of the European states in order to coordinate the different legal systems and facilitate cooperation between jurists »".

pictogramme_basiqueTESL relies on:

• University networks, particularly those developed by UT1 Capitole through double degrees of diplomas,
• Networks of legal practitioners in Europe particularly developed through the network of the European cities of Law.
• Corporation networks UT1 Capitole has been developing for long.

Rewarded in 2012 by the « Jean-Monnet Center of Excellence» label, Toulouse 1 Capitole University aims at contributing, through the creation the Toulouse European School of Law, to a new step forward in the European legal construction by training the " European Jurists " our society needs, at least bilingual jurists, capable of comparing and connecting the various legal systems in Europe and in the world.
Updated on the May 7, 2014