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Health situation

Lockdown and University closure

The University is closed to the public. There are several ways to reach the SCREI team: by e-mail and telephone or by face-to-face appointment for advice or information. Please get in touch with your contact by email to make a face-to-face appointment and bring the email with you when you come to the University. Check your contacts below :

All lectures, courses and continuous assessments are now carried out remotely until December 1st. For students taking courses at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at UT1, all December exams will also be organized remotely.

Check the following websites for updated information on the situation :
Campus France : study in France, health actions
Campus France : prepare your arrival in France

Toulouse Capitole University proposes several arrangements to welcome international students. Besides exchange programmes, international students can study at UT Capitole in the frame of specific actions, or as free-mover students (not in the frame of exchange programmes).

You are ?

You're an exchange student

►You've been selected by your home/ establishment to benefit  from a student mobility programme at UT Capitole. Ex. Erasmus +, BCI (ex-CREPUQ), Bilateral agreements.

You're not an exchange student (free mover)

►You've graduated abroad and you wish to apply for one of our courses.

You're a migrant/exiled student

►You are a refugee, a beneficiary of subsidiary protection or an asylum-seeker. More information

Specific Programmes

►'China' actions: these specific visitor programmes support students so as to facilitate their integration into training programmes at UT Capitole.