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‘Dissolution of the European Union Civil Service Tribunal: the court structure of the European Union faced with political realism’. Lecture by Mr Sean Van Raepenbusch, CEEC, IRDEIC

on the November 28, 2018

5.30 PM
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Thesis room

The former President of the European Union Civil Service Tribunal, Sean Van Raepenbusch, will give a lecture on the dissolution of the tribunal as part of the IRDEIC’s lecture series on European administrative law.

As of today, the courts system of the European Union has only had one specialist court, the Civil Service Tribunal. It was created in 2004 but dissolved in September 2016. Its former president visits to talk about that experience and the reasons for the recent reform. Besides the topic of civil service disputes, the very architecture of the EU’s court system is put into perspective as well as the clash between it and the political expediencies of the Member States.

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