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IAE Master’s degrees are now open to ISAE-SUPAERO students

on the December 14, 2015

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On December 14th 2015, Bruno Sire, President of Toulouse 1 Capitole University, Hervé Penan, Director of IAE and Olivier Lesbre, General Director of ISAE-SUPAERO have signed a partnership agreement between the two institutions.

Scope of the agreement: a dual portfolio of competencies in engineering and management.

ISAE- SUPAERO students are now given the opportunity to complement their scientific knowledge base with management skills. Thanks to this dual degree, they will better meet multi-disciplinary business expectations.

This agreement makes it possible for second year students at SUPAERO to apply for a Master’s degree (2nd year) at IAE. If their application is successful, they will be enrolled for the course and do a six-month internship. They will then return to SUPAERO for their third year of study.

They will have a choice between several Master’s degrees:

A new driving force within the framework of the Federal University of Toulouse:

this partnership is part of the dynamics generated by the Federal University of Toulouse and can rely on the unique education portfolio on offer in all the higher education institutions of the site. It clearly illustrates the huge potential that can be dedicated to the development of multidisciplinary programs meant to meet the needs of an ever-changing socio-economic environment.
Updated on the January 8, 2016