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‘The European Court of Human Rights: its successes and challenges’. Lecture by Pierre-Yves Le Borgn, Europe Capitole Centre of Excellence

on the June 28, 2018

11 am
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Pierre-Yves Le Borgn, a former MP, former member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and former general rapporteur for monitoring the execution of judgements of the European Court of Human Rights, will give a talk on the topic: ‘The European Court of Human Rights: its successes and challenges’ as part of the CEEC’s Lectures on Freedoms

The objective of the Europe Capitole Centre of Excellence’s        programme is to study the place and role of fundamental freedoms in European integration.

Fundamental rights are legal and political instruments that can affect the direction and content of European integration; their nature and the numerous ways they intersect with the law and political science deserve to be examined from legal and political perspectives.

In the spirit of Jean Monnet who advocated for the union of peoples, this study has been made accessible to Europeans through the Lectures on Freedoms series.


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