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‘The stakes in art therapy’, Idex Pluriart symposium in partnership with IDETCOM

on the December 14, 2018

from 9:30 to 18:00
Musée des Abattoirs
Métro Saint-Cyprien, Toulouse
Bus 45 et 31, arrêt Abattoirs

‘The Idex-Pluriart project, as a cross-sectional programme, is based on a wide-ranging study into the status and future of art-therapy productions. It uses a multidisciplinary approach bringing together legal experts, museologists and researchers in information and communications.’

This free-ticket event has over a dozen professionals scheduled to speak, share ideas and debate. You can attend talks such as ‘Law and art therapy’, ‘Words of patients and carers’, ‘How can outsider art clarify the exhibition of patients’ works?’, ‘Exhibit, conserve, study outsider art: the example of LaM’, ‘Art and health, a new frontier for museums’. There is also a round-table discussion on the ‘Exhibition and preservation of art-therapy works’, and you can watch a documentary on ‘Art therapy in the Occitanie region’. 
Updated on the July 16, 2019