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Master’s degree (M2) in Economics, Major: Economic theory and econometrics (ETE)

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 4
Length of studies
1 year
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The Master 2 in "Economic Theory and Econometrics" allows students to acquire a thorough, general training (in economic theory, econometrics, industrial organisation, etc.) before choosing a specific area of research.
This master is specially designed for students interested in economic theory, econometrics, industrial organisation, macroeconomics and other theoretical and applied fields. It offers a large range of courses that allow students to start a PhD in the best possible conditions, particularly those who have not yet chosen their research topic.


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Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 4

Admission conditions

Admission is based on academic excellence criteria. An undergraduate degree of at least 4 years of college or a Master’s degree is required, within a recognized curriculum considered as consistent with the program and approved by the TSE selection committee. A high level in Mathematics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics is necessary.
Working knowledge of English is obviously required.
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French Universities graduates:  

International students: 

Students must complete 8 graduate courses of 30 hours (4 at the 1st Semester and 4 at the 2nd semester) and write a Master thesis in application to the PhD course. Master thesis, advised by a faculty member, should show the aptitude and the skills of the students to do autonomous research in application to the PhD course. Each student must choose 4 courses (30 hours each) in each semester.

1st semester

  • Compulsory:

Microeconomics 1
Macroeconomics 1
Econometrics 1

  • Choose 1 elective:
Game Theory
Quantitative Analysis for competition and networks
Panel Data and Non Parametric Econometric Methods
Capital Markets and intermediaries
Political Economy and Development
Environmental Economics
Competition and Market Strategies
Cost Benefit Analysis
Empirical Methods in development economics

2nd semester

  • Choose 2 electives:

Microeconomics 2
Macroeconomics 2
Econometrics 2

  • Choose 2 electives:

2 among 18 :

- Microeconomics 2
- Macroeconomics 2
- Econometrics 2
- Optimization
- Corporate Finance
- Public Economics
- Advanced Econometrics
- Industrial Organization
- Empirical Finance
- The Econometrics of Program Evaluation
- Natural Resource Economics
- Incentives and Regulation
- Industrial Organization of the Food Industry
- Advanced Economic Theory
- Political economy
- Empirical Environmental Economics
- Quantitative techniques in economics

Master thesis

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 5

Career Opportunities

This high-level master’s degree provides a broad vision of economics offers  stimulating prospects  for innovative research work.

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