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EA 785 — Sciences de la société

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The Institute in Space, Territories, Culture and Communication, named  « IDETCOM » is a research team registered under number EA785.

 IDETCOM is a research laboratory whose work falls in two main areas corresponding to its title:

  • On the one hand, the area of  « Spaces and Territories », territorial issues focusing on territories per se , on infra-state, but also on international and comparative scales: statutes and competences of territorial authorities and of their public establishments, local policies of territorial development, issues of decentralization and rural and urban planning, local public services, public procurement, economic law, urban planning, decentralized cooperation, litigation, analyzed through domestic public law, but also through international territorial approaches including the major issues raised by international public and private law. Multidisciplinary thematic approaches associate comparative analysis in public and private law, relying on the different methodologies in comparative law and concerning both various state territories and supra-state and transnational spaces, under their different forms. All the different categories of spaces are thus considered, particularly space law per se, which is a specific area of Toulouse University.


  • On the other hand, « Culture et Communication » includes the different communication fields: Press, Audiovisual - Television/Radio - Cinema, Telecommunications and electronic communications (including cable and  satellite) / New digital platforms, the Internet/E-commerce, Protection of personal data and privacy, Cultural heritage, Urban development/Museology/Archeology, Live performing arts (Theatre, dance, music), Art market /galleries and auction houses, digitized/or that can be digitized or digital content, (films, music, books), Funding and insurances related to communication activities, Communication and cultural activities  legal regulations, as listed above. All fields are studied from a national, European, international and comparative law perspective.

Research areas

These two areas « Spaces-Territories » on the one hand,  and « Culture-Communication » on the other hand are organized in two research groups : 

  • The two thematic groups of « Spaces-Territories » are:
  1. The Centre for Studies and  Research on territorial authorities, which mainly focuses on the different aspects of decentralization and decentralization law
  2. The Centre for International and Comparative Law, whose research focuses on the different issues attached to these two spheres of law, public and private law, particularly from the point of view of the methods used.


  • The two thematic groups of « Culture-Communication » are:
  1. The Law Institute for Culture and for Communication regrouping lawyers specialized in these fields.
  2. « Media, Culture and Communication » is a unit bringing together lecturers-researchers from Information and Communication Sciences as well as from other disciplines (Languages, Sociology) concerned by these research subjects.

Institute in Space, Territories and Communication Law (IDETCOM)

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