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Institute in Space, Territories and Communication Law (IDETCOM)


Université Toulouse Capitole, 2 rue du Doyen-Gabriel-Marty
31042 TOULOUSE Cedex 9

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General information

Authority : Ministry

Reference : EA 785

Departments : Sciences de la société


The Institute in Space, Territories, Culture and Communications Law (IDETCOM) is a research team registered under number EA785 (social sciences).
IDETCOM comprises a team of multidisciplinary lecturer-researchers who predominantly but not exclusively specialise in law. The team’s research revolves around four areas:
  • Space(s)’ - new frontiers, new markets, new opportunities
  • Territory(ies)’ - new challenges, new geographies, new governance models
  • Culture(s)’ - new objects, new industries, new rules
  • Communication(s)’ - new technologies, new content, new players


Research topics

The research and educational activities pursued by IDETCOM within each research area have a national, European and international scope.

  • Space(s). This first research area is composed of the studies on space. It is not just limited to outer space although research on this particular topic takes pride of place for the Sirius Chair. Nowadays, spaces are an issue of international importance involving the land, seas and oceans, rivers and waterways, submerged or emerging land, and even cyberspace which is dominated by the advent of artificial intelligence.
  • Territory(ies). This research area brings together the works carried out on communities (international, national or local and their satellites: public institutes, national or local public enterprises, public sectors). The studies in this area relate to community institutions and how they operate. Primary focus is placed on public and private partnerships and contracts.
  • Culture(s). Culture determines where we place ourselves in history. It is also an object of richness that must be protected and cherished. Research in this area centres on traditions, art in all its forms, museums, cultural designations and protected lands.
  • Communication(s). Communications research places IDETCOM and its teams at the heart of changes to today’s world (the status of radio, television, cinema, Internet) and the challenges faced by tomorrow’s world (the Internet of Things, digital platforms, blockchain). Researchers seek to answer the major questions posed by the development of new media.


The studies in each research area are circulated through symposia, conferences, seminars, books, articles and other scientific publications.