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What is my login? What is my password?

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Your identifiers (username and password) are used for almost all the computer accesses of the university (from wifi to messaging and note-taking).

What is my login? What is my password?

For students
  • This information is recorded on your student card.

  • Your login ID corresponds to the last 8 digits of the ID written on your card.

  • Your initial password is the last 6 characters of your INE (Student National ID), upper case letters and no spaces.
For administrative and teaching staff

After the request for resources and its validation, an account will be created for you and your identifiers will be communicated to you. If you have never previously been a student at UT Capitole university, your ID is usually in the following form :

  • the initial of your first name followed by the letters of your surname (known as your last name), in lower case and without accents, in a maximum of 8 characters.
  • special characters (spaces, apostrophes, etc...) are replaced by dashes.