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Welcome Forum 2015

from September 8, 2015 to September 10, 2015

From 9am to 5pm
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Arsenal - Grand Hall and Cloister Gardens

Welcome to Toulouse Capitole Université ! Come and join us to get familiar with your new study and student’s life environment.

25 stands, associations and partners to our establishment will attend to you during 3 full days so that you can discover what your future student’s journey will be!

To guide and support your academic and extracurricular activities:

  • The Registrar’s Office deals with all the academic matter: administrative procedures, time-tables, scholarships, access to the UT1 Handicap service dedicated to disabled students;
  • The Careers and Guidance Service can guide your academic path or/and assist you in designing your professional project;
  • The Foreign Languages Department (DLC) and Language Resource Centre provide you with adequate tools to improve you language skills;
  • Comprehensive facilities and documentation resources are made available to you in all the university libraries;
  • The International Relations Office organizes all the students’ mobility programs you are entitled to;
  • The Faculty of Law covers the full spectrum of legal studies and preparatory courses to competitive examinations;

Making your life on the campus easy thanks to:

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    The Physical Activity and Sports Department promoting a large portfolio of sports practices and competitions organized by and at the University;

  • The Culture section, in charge of all the extra-curricular activities;
  • The Department of Preventive Medicine available to guide you through your health care journey;...
  • The 50 or so students’ unions acting on the campus and fostering a broad spectrum of cultural and sports activities, volunteering or trade-union initiatives in order for you to make the most of your academic stay in Toulouse.

Enjoying your stay in Toulouse thanks to:

  • The University of Toulouse which boasts many inter-university tools to optimize your academic experience;
  • The Regional Student’s Social Services providing numerous catering and accommodation offers;
  • The Youth Information Regional Centre extending many opportunities for you to grasp in order to enhance your student’s experience;
  • Complementary insurance schemes (LMDE, Vittavi) that can be subscribed to ensure a better health cover
  • The City of Toulouse far-reaching services and the public transport facilities (Tisséo) to enjoy moving around smoothly without having to worry about parking your car…
Updated on August 31, 2015