E-Learning Training (FOAD)

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2 rue du Doyen-Gabriel-Marty
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The E-learning training service (FOAD) is developing new online courses in the various university fields: law, economics, management (IAE), information technology and communication.

The educational methods chosen emphasize interactivity. A tutor specialized in the subject supervises the weekly forums and tutorials (TD). The learners can exchange via chats, forums, and their own e-mails. The educational material can be downloaded in PDF and printed. We are currently working on teaching material diversification (videos, sound, interactive bibliographies) and exchange techniques (video conferencing).

Examinations are organized on site. Under some specific conditions, they may be held in decentralized centres. We privilege continuous evaluation for a number of courses and we are currently developing online examinations.

The length of training may be flexible, adapted to individual constraints and to self-paced learning:  training therefore may last from one to several years.


Academic Programs

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