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New International Programme: Bachelor in Global Management

on the May 3, 2021

Looking for an undergraduate programme in the field of management and global business? TSM is launching a new Bachelor in Global Management. Applications open until 30 June 2021.

The brand new TSM Bachelor in Global Management, entirely taught in English, is designed to train young professionals capable of critically evaluating different contexts and situations of global business and of respecting diversity.

By joining this 3-year programme, you will master the core building blocks of accounting and management control, business economics, finance, human resource management, international business, marketing, strategy, mathematics and econometrics. You will gain expertise in intercultural competence and develop foreign language skills. Besides, you will acquire flexibility and an ability to adapt to different working cultures, thanks to the international nature of the programme. Furthermore, look ahead to prepare for one of the TSM Masters during this bachelor study. 

A Bachelor with an Innovative Pedagogy

The international character of the TSM Bachelor in Global Management is not the only feature that makes it a unique comprehensive foundational programme in management. By joining this programme, you will also experience an innovative student-centered pedagogy. Within a limited group of 30 students, you will benefit from an individual support relying on blended and flipped learning, that will make you a true actor of your training.

So what to expect? Flipped-classrooms, exercises, guest lectures, seminar activities, quizzes, case studies, role playing games and simulations… You will experience a large range of teaching methods in which you will have an active role, far from the passive attitude often induced by classic pedagogical methods. No day will be the same.

Throughout the programme, you will work on your own or in groups, from home, in class or in a lab, to deliver solved problem sets, written reports, software programmes or oral presentations.

A Project-Driven Programme

Be prepared to work on exciting projects, beyond the walls of the campus. In Year 1, you will have to complete a Social Impact Project for a local charity or through a humanitarian mission. In Year 2, you will complete an Entrepreneurship Project.

Besides, you will have plenty of opportunities and all the support you need to launch more personal projects, be they social, artistic or sport projects.

Internships and Mobility Abroad

Each year of the programme, you will have the opportunity to do an internship anywhere in the world:

  • a 2-month (optional) summer internship at the end of Year 1 and Year 2,
  • a mandatory 3 to 5 month internship at the end of Year 3.

And last but not least, you will have various options to spend a year or a semester abroad in one of our many partner universities to broaden your horizons and discover another culture. Thus, an opportunity to participate in an international mobility to diversify to your knowledge and learning experience.


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Updated on October 29, 2021