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How does it work ?

The call for applications for the Eiffel scholarship programme 2024 opens from October 23 to November 17, 2023.

The Eiffel grants of excellence are offered to foreign students. It concerns two different levels:
- at the master’s level offers 12 to 24 months of funding to enable scholarship holders to earn a master-level degree;
- at the doctoral level which makes it possible to finance mobility within the framework of registration in the 1st year of thesis (36 months scholarship) or candidates in the process of completing their thesis or newcomers to France or living abroad, in co-directorships or co-tutelles (6, 12 or 18 months scholarship)
  • How to register? 
Three stages of application :

- the student applies to the institution (see the detailed registration procedure and check the deadline per faculty/school below)
- the institution preselects, transmits and supports the application to Campus France
- Campus France selects the best applications
  • Zoom information sessions:

2 videoconferences are planned to detail the application procedure of the Eiffel Scholarships for the following faculties :  Law, Information Technology, Administration & Communication

- Tuesday 24th of October 2023 at 2 p.m. (Paris time) in English and French

zoom link:

- Wednesday 25th of October 2023 at 9 a.m. (Paris time) in English and French

zoom link:

CHECK CAMPUS FRANCE WEBSITE and vade-mecum:  for any information regarding eligibility, funding, etc.



"I’m Dung Le, a Vietnamese student at Toulouse School of Economics. It’s my great honor to benefit from the Eiffel scholarship for both Masters 1 and 2 in Statistics and Econometric. The scholarship is so respected that my university waives my tuition and administrative fees. Thanks to the generosity of the scholarship, I’ve been very financially comfortable. I 'm not exaggerating in saying that the scholarship is an essential factor in my academic success. I’m also grateful to Campus France for organizing cultural activities. This helps me integrate with French society and make friends with other students. Being awarded an Eiffel scholarship is surely a wonderful experience in my life."


The students who wish to apply must submit an application with the followings information (all documents must be sent in PDF format):

►For the Toulouse School of Economics, check the website for information about the application and the documents required.
►For the Toulouse School of Economics, check the website for information about the application and the documents required.
►For other faculties/schools :
  •  PHOTOCOPY OF IDENTIFICATION with details: surname, first name, date of birth
  •  CURRICULUM VITAE in French or English, 1 to 2 pages long, specifying performance: honors, ranking, position in the graduating class and professional experience, if applicable....
  •  DIPLOMAS AND RANKING: copies of the most recent diplomas obtained, indicating date, speciality, honours and any other document attesting to the candidate's excellence and performance.
  •  TRANSCRIPTS OF RECORDS for the last three years, showing academic achievements in France and abroad.
  •  PROFESSIONAL PROJECT written in French or, failing that, in English, on one or two pages. The aim of this section is to describe the applicant's personal project in a way that explains the choice of studies in France in relation to previous studies and the future professional career. It is important to specify the exact title of the course applied for. This presentation may be backed up by an opinion from people outside the school, for example from a company.
  •  Letters of recommendation, if required.
In addition to these documents, doctoral candidates must provide:
  • A presentation of the THESIS PROJECT, written in French or English (1 and 5 pages). This document must accurately describe the subject of the thesis, the progress made in writing it, the plan adopted and the bibliography, the research objectives and hypotheses - the innovative character, impact and benefits of the project.
  • A reasoned opinion on the scientific quality of the thesis topic, written by a university professor/research director who is an expert in the field of research in question (in compliance with ethical rules).
  • The CV of the university professor/research director in question (2 pages max.)
  • The overall FINANCING PLAN for the thesis
  • CO-TUTELLE AGREEMENT or CO-DIRECTION ATTESTION signed by the French and foreign parties, including the schedule for alternating stays in the event of split periods.

Deadline for application per faculty/school-2024 Session

/!\ BE CAREFUL: the dates mentioned below are the deadlines for sending applications to the faculties/schools that must be respected. The January deadline indicated on the Campus France website only concerns the second stage of the application process (submission of applications to Campus France by the institution).

Programmes offered by the Toulouse School of Management (TSM)

Deadline for applications: from October 27 to  November 15, 2023 included

Programmes offered by the Toulouse School of Economics (T.S.E.)

Deadline for applications : from October 30 to  November 20, 2023 included

For other faculties (law & political science, administration & communication and information technology)

Applications : from October 23 to November 17, 2023
Contact person : Nathalie CASTEX -