A look back at the 4th ENGAGE.EU Expedition Week of the year!

from May 21, 2023 to May 26, 2023

After Tilburg (Netherlands), Mannheim (Germany) and Toulouse, the 4th ENGAGE.EU Expedition Week took place at WU Vienna (Austria).

Organised by WU university the event brought together 30 students from the 7 ENGAGE. EU partners, including 5 female students from Toulouse Capitole University.

With the central theme of reducing inequalities and combating poverty, the students spent a week devising new concepts in the social housing sector, in relations between residents, such as a Human Library (residents themselves from different countries tell their stories), or in raising awareness of water resources: the winning team devised a game. In multidisciplinary teams of 5 students, they worked with the municipality of Vienna and Caritas (Austria's largest NGO).

"It was a great and very enriching experience, and I'm really grateful to have been able to take part," says Salomé, a student at TSM. She has a busy gap year between work placements and this intercultural experience, which, she tells us, "makes her want to discover other countries and other cultures, which raise questions and open us up to other points of view". "Diversity was everywhere: in the people who didn't just come from ENGAGE member countries, in the activities: we did a thousand things in one week, it was a busy programme but very well done".

reports Nafyssa, a student at the TSE.

The ENGAGE.EU Expeditions are an opportunity to enhance your skills, acquire collective intelligence methods that will be useful throughout your life and meet other European students.

Next destination: Bergen, Norway, at the end of June!

Updated on June 13, 2023