Two UT Capitole students won the Mannheim Expedition Week!

from November 13, 2022 to November 18, 2022

Four UT Capitole students participated in the ENGAGE.EU Expedition Week in Mannheim. Two of them came back with the cup!

Between 13 and 18 November, the Expedition Week "Quarters of Diversity" brought together some twenty students from the consortium, all of whom were ready to take up the strong societal challenges put forward by the experts from the Municipality of Mannheim. The programme included three major challenges in the Neckarstadt-West district, a highly multicultural area of the city of Mannheim with more than 100 different nationalities represented:
  • How can the educational and participation opportunities of children and young people in Neckarstadt-West be improved? What needs to be done with and for the different population groups? How do we check the effectiveness of the measures?
  • But how can we discover its linguistic treasure and trace it back to its source? How can we apply linguistic landscaping as a method to search for the traces of the languages used by its citizens?
  • How can we help a group of immigrants who are socioeconomically and educationally very far removed from the majority society to make successful steps towards a more self-determend life in Neckarstadt-West?

Three teams of students, supervised by ENGAGE.EU mentors and experts from the socio-economic world, worked all week on the design of solutions to meet each of these challenges.
And it was the team that defended the first challenge, on education and children's participation, that won the first prize! Among the members of the winning team, two students from Toulouse, Mathilde Bouzigues, in Master 2 International and Comparative Law and Sarra Guizani, in L3 Law, are back with the trophy!
We called our solution ‘Students for students: an innovative, equality-driven teaching program focused on appreciation and integration of heritage, culture and diversity’. We wanted this project to be a collaboration between the University of Mannheim and the #Kaisergarten, which is part of the Campus Neckarstadt-West project.
The collaboration will be built on the integration of students from the bachelor and master programs and the children from the Neckarstadt-West neighborhood attending the Kaisergarten.
--- Sarra Guizani
The trophy has been awarded again at the Smart Cities Expedition Week  that took place at UT Capitole from 27 November to 2 December 2022 !
Updated on December 9, 2022