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Online Exchange Initiative (OEI) - ENGAGE.EU - Incoming students - Semester 2



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Application Period
: November 27 to December 11, 2022
Courses: January 3rd to April 1st, 2022
Exams: april 2022

Law - Master 2 level

Company Law

ECTS : 2
Language of instruction : English
Mode of Delivery: Hybrid
Hours: 15
Description: This course aims at equipping attendees with basic notions on companies and comparative insights.
As major economic players, companies face key challenges and crucial legal issues: protection of founders, governance rules, role played by employees, financing.
This company law course focuses on French and EU law.
Teaching method involves practical case studies
Assessment : Oral Exam
Lecturer : Laurent GROSCLAUDE

Law - Master 1 level


E-commerce Law

ECTS : 2
Language of instruction : English
Mode of Delivery: Hybrid
Hours: 15
Description: E-commerce European legal framework including notion of e-commerce, the main actors involved and their liability. A focus will be done on data protection law and e-sport law.
Assessment : Oral Exam
Lecturer : Jessica EYNARD

Internal Market

ECTS : 5
Language of instruction : English
Mode of delivery: Hybrid
Hours: 30
Description: Internal Market-the class aims at giving students a broader knowledge on the substantive aspects of European Law, with a focus on the four economic freedoms shaping the continuous development of the internal market. Teaching method involves the analysis of jurisprudence and practical cases.
Assessment : Oral Exam
Lecturer : Oana Andreea MACOVEI

Management - Master 1 Level

Digital growth and intellectual property

ECTS : 6
Language of instruction : English
Learning Outcomes : The objective of this lecture is to introduce the recent developments of the strategic management of patents in modern digital economies. Participants will discover the emergence and the role of the patent system in modern economies and how technological companies try to protect their innovations and to use their patent portfolios in service of their business strategies in a digital era. The lecture is resolutely designed to provide a managerial and strategic vision of the patent to raise awareness and inform decision-making in this area.
Mode of Delivery : Online
Description: The lecture is organized around six core issues (building blocks) -Patents and the protection of innovation
-Patenting strategies
-Internal organization for managing patenting strategies
-Patent and licensing strategies
-Patenting in collaborative arrangements
-Patent and other appropriation strategies for digital innovations
Prerequisites: None
Lecturer : Jamal AZZAM

Economy and Social - Master's level

Principle and Challenges of Circular Economy

ECTS : 3
Language of instruction : English
Mode of delivery: Hybrid
Description:This course is an introduction to Circular Economy. Its main purpose is to make students familiar with the theoretical underpinnings of CE and its role in providing solutions to global issues faced by society as suggested by national and international organizations. The course will help students to be acquainted with the  terminology of CE, to understand the relationships between various associated concepts and models, and to discuss some issues that are at the forefront of research in the area.
Prerequisites:Basic principles of economics and strong interest in environmental issues.
Assessment : There will be a one-hour final exam in the form of multiple-choice questions.
Lecturer : Farid GASMI

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