The 3rd axis of the ENGAGE.EU European University focuses on the links between the partners in their regional and international ecosystems.
In this way, the members of the alliance open the doors of the university to the local socio-economic system by creating bridges between research, innovation and society,
Among the objectives developed
  •     a series of ENGAGE.EU laboratories where students, professionals, researchers, businesses, citizens' initiatives and political decision-makers will work together to find solutions based on their knowledge of today's world problems.
  •     ENGAGE.EU Work Integrated Learning Programmes that will help practitioners become responsible influencers and effect change in their respective organisations, combining the latest academic knowledge with the highest professional standards.
  •     Intensive international face-to-face programmes for alliance students to contribute to real societal transformations. It focuses on creating value for society and uses the framework of inno-preneurship as its guiding principle.

Societal Chapters

Societal Chapters ( on going )