Outreach - ENGAGE Lab

For ENGAGE.EU, innovation means helping to provide solutions to the major challenges facing society today.


After a year without walls, the ENGAGE lab initiated with our European partners is now taking shape in a physical space in the Innovation Area: AR 326.
The Critical & Digital Lab ENGAGE.EU is one of the 3 variations of the UT Capitole Espaces d'Innovations.

Innovating and undertaking collectively in a world in transition

There is no longer any doubt that the issues we face today and will face in the future are so complex that solutions cannot be found by a single player. Multidisciplinarity and collective intelligence are prerequisites for any approach. Collaboration is becoming a necessity, even though it is not necessarily innate. It is the ambition of the ENGAGE lab to encourage these collaborations in the service of social and environmental challenges.

The ENGAGE lab is open to all members of the university: students, administrative and teaching staff, as well as external partners.

In a nutshell: the intentions of the ENGAGE Lab

  • Raising awareness of social commitment
  • Supporting individual and group projects (internal and external, including research projects): moving from idea to prototyping by encouraging cross-disciplinarity
  • Offering an entrepreneurship awareness and training programme
  • Encouraging the development of new collaborations, skills enhancement and the revelation of skills

And those of the Critical and Digital Lab

  • Promoting a critical approach to digital technologies 
  • Experimenting with new systems
  • Understand the cognitive impact of digital technologies (from sensory immersion to the construction of representations of the world)
  • Identify the challenges of artificial intelligence and artificial life
  • Develop a broader digital culture, enriching teaching methods and content
  • Become aware of the societal transformations linked to the Metaverse
  • Develop an Arts, Science and Technology approach to major societal issues


The Lab encourages more innovative learning methods and the acquisition of new skills.
It works closely with local and supra-local innovation ecosystems to support societal transition.

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Teaching and Learning Lab

Vue AR338
Vue AR338

It's a place to try out new teaching and learning methods, to prepare teaching sessions, and to meet up and discuss these issues, for example at teaching cafés.
This space has been designed in particular for teachers, teacher-researchers and trainers.


Vue Sketch Up AR320
Vue Sketch Up AR320

An innovative, easy-to-use room for experimenting and producing:
- Easily produce a video self-capture of your course in "demonstration" mode with writing on a panoramic touch screen or in "presentation" mode
- Conveniently run a bimodal course (students simultaneously present and remote) with the option of writing on a touch screen and viewing remote participants on an XXL projection screen
- Lead a "virtual classroom" session with optimised equipment, easily alternating group and sub-group work phases.