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Awards for TSE economists

from June 18, 2012 to June 22, 2012

The Kuhmo Nectar annual conference of the International Transportation Economics Association (ITEA) about transportation economics brings together international researchers working on all aspects of transportation economics, including infrastructures and rural and urban planning.

 The meeting took place in Berlin from 18 to 22 June: three economists from the Toulouse School of Economics were awarded prizes for their articles.

Marc Ivaldi and Daniel Coublucq
were awarded  the  "Best Paper Overall" prize for their  article:

  • "Static-Dynamic Efficiency Trade-off in the US rail freight industry: Assessment of Open Access Policy".

Antonio Russo was awarded the "Junior Researcher Best Paper" prize for his article:

  • "Voting on Road Congestion Policy".

During the 2010 conference in  Valence, Marco Batarce (TSE/UT1 PHD student) had already been awarded the “Junior Researcher Best Paper" prize for his article "Nonlinear Pricing in Transportation: an application to transit systems of Santiago de Chile" together with Marc Ivaldi

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Antonio Russo,TSE  PhD student at the GREMAQ/UT1.

Daniel Coublucq, TSE PhD student at the GREMAQ/UT1.

Marc Ivaldi, TSE/UT1 researcher, Member of the Institute of Industrial Economics (IDEI).

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