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Artificial Intelligence Platform (PFIA), the 2019 edition organised by IRIT

from July 1, 2019 to July 5, 2019

The objective of the Plate-Forme Intelligence Artificielle, or Artificial Intelligence Platform (PFIA), is to gather researchers, companies and students for a number of conferences and workshops focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The PFIA event is organized every year.

The AI Platform is a unique and friendly meeting place for the AI community, enabling the different fields of AI to get closer and fostering the creation of bridges among them. To this end, PFIA aims at making the French-speaking Artificial Intelligence community face the common challenges together.

The 2019 edition will take place from July 1 to July 5 in Toulouse, in the campus of Toulouse 1 Capitole University. It is organized by IRIT, the Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research, and AFIA, the French AI Society, with the support of many other institutional and industrial sponsors.

Invited Speakers

PFIA 2019 will host numerous invited speakers. Among others:

  • Isabelle BLOCH (LTCI, Télécom ParisTech, FRANCE): “Knowledge representation and  model-based image understanding”
  • Julien BOURGEOIS (Université de Franche-Comté, FRANCE): “La matière programmable : robots modulaires auto-assembleurs
  • Walter DAELEMANS (University of Antwerp, BELGIUM): “Profiling authors from text. A critical look at the state of the art”
  • Takayuki ITO (Nagoya Institute of Technology, JAPAN): “Agent that facilitate crowd discussion”
  • Sylvie THIEBAUX (Australian National University, Canberra, AUSTRALIA): “Network-Aware Coordination of Consumer-Owned Energy Systems”
  • Jochen TRIESCH (University of Frankfurt, GERMANY): “What can AI (still) learn from Neuroscience?”
  • Ruben VERBORGH (Gent University, BELGIUM): “How Solid aims to impact the Web (and AI with it)”
  • Anaëlle WILCZYNSKI (TU Munich, GERMANY): “Interaction entre agents modélisée par un réseau social en choix social computationnel” (1st Prix de Thèse IA 2019 laureate, ex aequo)
  • Michael WOOLDRIDGE (University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM): “Understanding Equilibrium Properties of Multi-Agent Systems”
  • Valentina ZANTEDESCHI (Université Jean Monnet, FRANCE): “Une vue unifiée de l’apprentissage local : théorie et algorithmes pour l’amélioration de modèles linéaires” (1st Prix de Thèse IA 2019 laureate, ex aequo)
Hosted Conferences and Competitions
  • APIA: 5ème Conférence sur les Applications Pratiques de l’Intelligence Artificielle | 5th Conference on Practical Applications of AI (*)
  • CAp: 21ème Conférence sur l’Apprentissage Automatique | 21st Conference on Machine Learning (*)
  • CNIA: 22ème Conférence Nationale en Intelligence Artificielle | 22nd National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (*)
  • DriveToGaether: Hosted Competition
  • France@International
  • IC: 30èmes Journées Francophones Ingénierie des Connaissances | 30th Francophone Days of Knowledge Engineering (*)
  • JFPDA: 14èmes Journées Planification, Décision et Apprentissage | 14th Days on Planning, Decision and Learning
  • JFSMA: 27èmes Journées Francophones sur les Systèmes Multi-Agents | 27th Francophone Days on Multi-Agent Systems
  • JIAF: 13èmes Journées d’Intelligence Artificielle Fondamentale | 13th Days on Foundational Artificial Intelligence
  • RJCIA: 17ème Rencontre des Jeunes Chercheurs en Intelligence Artificielle | 17th Meeting of Young Researchers in Artificial Intelligence (*)
  • TALN – RECITAL: 26ème Conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles | 26th Conference on Natural Language Processing

(*) in collaboration with JSAI 2019

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