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Conférence "Brexit - What comes next ?"

on the March 14, 2018

Mercredi 14 mars de 18H30 à 20H30
Amphithéâtre Hébraud
"Brexit - What come's next?"
What are the legal and economic consequences for the European Union and the United Kingdom?

Since the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union by Referendum in June 2016 the legal and economic consequences of the exit remain highly uncertain. This debate aims to define and clarify in this context.

The debate will explore the economic consequences for supply chains in Europe. The legal consequences for citizen rights and cross-border lawsuits. Further the issue of the Irish border will be explained. The debate ends with an outlook into the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Speakers: Prof. Lukas Rass-Masson (European School of Law Toulouse), Pieter Cleppe (Open Europe Brussels), Prof. Paul Seabright (Toulouse School of Economics, Prof. Louise Curran (Toulouse Business School)

All students are very welcome to join the debate and ask questions. The debate will be held in English, nevertheless questions in French are highly appreciated.

Updated on February 21, 2018