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Constitution and local authorities. Thoughts on the 60th anniversary of the Constitution. Edited by Jean Marie Pontier and Didier Guignard

on the June 6, 2019

Published on 04/06/2019

Foreword by Lucien Rapp

This book, with contributions from the top specialists on the issues covered, reviews the place of local authorities in the Constitution. Traditionally, in France, local authorities are governed by the law, with the Constitution containing few provisions compared to other countries. In sixty years of the history of our Constitution, all that has changed. Local authorities have taken on a growing role in the Constitution: we can say that the law on local authorities was constitutionalised with the involvement of the Constitutional Council, in adopting the laws of 1982, and the adoption of several constitutional reforms, particularly in 2003 with ‘the decentralised organisation of the Republic’ and in 2008 with the ‘modernisation of the institutions of the 5th Republic’ and the introduction of the priority preliminary ruling on the issue of constitutionality (QPC).


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