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Droit général de l’Union européenne. 11th edition. By Marc Blanquet, IRDEIC

on the September 14, 2018

‘General Law of the European Union’ presents the common aspects of each branch of the law of the European Union. It explains the common structure of EU law and is essential for anyone who wants to learn about that law.

European Union law is of a particular nature and a completely different beast to international law. Furthermore, it has become an increasingly powerful source for French law. It is now more essential than ever to understand that this European-sourced law is not a foreign law nor imposed from outside. It is a law belonging to each and every Member State as much as their own national law, with the added characteristic of being at the apex of the hierarchy of normative texts.

This work studies the characteristics of the general law that is common to all branches of Union law, unlike special laws that only deal with a particular field.
The general law allows the particular legal order of the Union to be highlighted; it is an institutional system that exercises competences in tandem with States and a legal system with a quasi-federal court.

This work is aimed at students at different levels of their education, from undergraduate to master’s level. It covers the European institutions, European (Union) law, and European litigation. This third part devoted to the court system of the Union has been greatly expanded in this new edition. It can also be useful to all those with a stake in the real-life application of European Union law (lawyers, judges, civil servants, economic players, politicians).
It could in fact be of interest to all European citizens as it will bestow knowledge and indeed understanding about European integration.

Work by Marc Blanquet, professor of law at Toulouse I Capitole University and holder of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Union law.

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: Droit général de l'Union européenne.
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